Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Some fun with edging

Just a brief post to let you know what I am trying to do. As anyone who follows this blog knows I have E.D from the medication I take. Having this disability has not stopped my desire for the euphoric high you have when one orgasms or if you prefer release. A little while ago I discovered that through mental imagery and nipple stimulation I could produce an orgasm. Not as intense as the ones I use to have from stimulating my cock. But an orgasm none the less. Lately, I find myself having some free time. So I challenged myself to a little task. Five days ago on Wednesday night, I was laying in bed working on another post for this blog. I am working on another story which involves FemDomme, nipple pinching, tease and denial, and lots of edging. The story got me to thinking what it would be like to tease and edged myself. So I put down my tablet. Took my nipples between my thumbs and index fingers and started twisting and pinching both nipples back forth. It felt great I want to say. Then I played the mental image in my head of what kind of torment I will do to myself. The combination of fantasy and vigorous nipple torment had me building up to an orgasm in fast order. I stimulated myself close to the brink but not all the way there. I am not disciplined enough yet to ride the very edge without going over. So I stopped all stimulation just before the edge. Just like guys with erections, when I stopped working myself up all the muscle in and around my groin started to pulse. I had to start thinking of paying bills to stop the march to the brink. It's funny though the frustrated feeling I had for stopping before climaxing, felt so dam great in itself. Needless to say, I didn't continue writing in my blog that night. I edged myself repeatedly for the next ninety minutes before forcing myself to stop and go to sleep. The next morning once I was alone again, I repeated the same stimulation routine again. I teased myself for another half hour. Every time I stopped teasing myself the muscles in my groin pulsed and ached, I loved it. So since then, I have been spending an hour and a half hours of edging each day. I also let my fantasies tease me whenever I am in the bathroom or alone in the car or as I watch my favorite mistress with her latest venture. It is quite titillating, to say the least, and watching her is driving me mad by teasing me more. I would like to also mention that now after several days of teasing. It feels like the nerves at the tip of my penis is continuously throbbing. It is both delightful and torturous simultaneously. This experiment is fun, challenging and lonely. Let's face it there is a whole other appeal when there are others involved in the torment. Maybe that is why I am mentioning here. I am not sure how much longer I will be able to keep this up, but if I manage to continue on for several more days, I will write an update to this post. Oh well, time for me to torture myself some more as I enjoy watching a particular mistress.


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