Saturday, August 21, 2021

Who's the boss now


"But, Ma'am, the mall!" Justin exclaims, " you're joking right?" "Tell me, slave, have you ever known me to joke about anything when it comes to you, your training or your tasks." was the response Bridget, Justin's Mistress and Owner for the past 18 months.

It started harmlessly enough, just a casual date with one of his administrative assistants. Not even a date really, a couple of drinks at a bar. But two weeks later they rented a hotel room and made love over, and over, and over again. They met discreetly like this for five more weeks. Having wild passionate sex all weekend long. But then on their sixth week when Justin picked Bridget up for their next rendezvous, she brought a large duffel bag along with her. "What's in the bag?" Justin inquiries. "I have a midget in there," Bridget said with a laugh, before saying, "it's none of your business what's in the bag. It's a surprise, for when we get to the hotel."

Needless to say that the hour drive to the hotel had Justin wondering what could be in the bag. Any questions about it were abruptly cut off by Bridget, followed with, "you will find out when we get there." So when they finally entered their room, Justin was excited as a child on Christmas morning.

"Could you pour me a glass of champagne, pet, while I get changed," Bridget requested, teasing Justin's curiosity for a bit longer. She grabs a smaller bag and heads into the bathroom, and closes the door. "Ah! Now is my chance," Justin says to himself, grabbing the duffel bag to take a look inside. Justin's face quickly turns to a frown when he discovers the bag is locked. He tosses the bag back onto the bed and with nothing else to do, he pops the cork on the champagne, and pours two glasses, takes a seat on the edge of the bed, and has a sip of his bubbly.

(Click) he hears coming from the bathroom door as the lock disengages. "Are you ready!" Bridget calls out. "Whenever you are," he rapidly replied. But Justin was anything but ready for the vixen emerging from the bathroom.

Bridget steps into the room wearing a pair of denim cut-offs so short that her butt cheeks threaten to fall out. Her upper body was partially concealed in a tight long sleeved crop top. The top just covered her chest keeping her breast hidden from his gaze. The garment is so darn alluring in its simplicity that he was left speechless. The little suspender attaching the top to her shorts did little to help hide his dumbfoundedness.

Next came her boots which came to her mid thigh. Never in his life did Justin ever think that a boot could make a woman's leg so irresistible. But at that moment he is mesmerized by this woman's legs. He followed the black boot with his eyes from the shiny pointed toe, passed the heel, over one calve, then slowly his gaze cascaded over her thigh to the rim of the boot. Then like a cherry on the top of a sundae, there's that teasing hint of bare tan flesh just before the hem of the shorts. Justin's eyes then sauntered across her pelvis, the shorts tauntingly hiding the holy grail behind them. His eyes then repeated the process in reverse going down the other leg, to the tip of the toe again.

"Enjoying the view?" Bridget inquiry. Justin smiles sheepishly, nodding his head up and down approvingly. "I am glad you like what you see," Bridget says with a grin, "I have something different in mind for this weekend," she indicated walking over to her duffle bag and patting it.

"Oh!" Justin comments as he tweaks an eyebrow. "What type of mischief do you have going on in that pretty little head of yours?" Bridget moves a few steps to stand between Justin's legs. "Well you see," she replies, "I have always wanted to take charge of a man. To have someone to give orders to, so he can serve and please me."

Suddenly Bridget put her hand on Justin's chest pushing him to his back on the bed. She climbs on top of him with both knees straddling Justin's ribs, "Kiss Me!" She demands as she pushes her lips to his, her tongue diving deep into his mouth dancing with his in the process. The kiss and the dance of the tongues linger for several long passionate minutes. Then as quickly as it started, Bridget sits back up on her knees and says, "And you Justin, you’re the man that  fits the bill. But now the question is, are you a man brave enough to give yourself to a dominant woman like me, hmm?” Justin couldn't believe what she had just purposes, to him, but after a few heartfelt seconds, like most guys thinking with their head between their legs, he blurted out, "well hell yay!" He exclaimed.

"Really, Justin, you're up to trying this?" The answer he gives her is an over enthusiastic head nodding yes. "Fantastic!" Bridget's answer to Justin's nodding head. "Ok," she continues, "let's lay out some ground rules first," she says as she unbutton the first two top buttons of his shirt, followed with a few gentle kisses to his neck. "First off," she starts . "Once we start it doesn't end until the end of the long weekend. Got it!" Again Justin nods yes.

"Next, you'll become my slave. At no time may you call me by my first name. For the duration of the weekend you are to call me Mistress. But in your case, I can call you, slave, pet, or slut. Can you handle that, being called my pet?" Bridget teasingly asks as she finishes unbuttoning his shirt.

But she doesn’t wait for an answer before proceeding to kiss the exposed flesh in the center of his chest for a minute, before expressing an interest in his nipples. She starts by flicking, circling and licking the small bud in the center of the left nipple with her tongue. Meanwhile with her left hand she teases his right nipple.

With all the attention to his nipples, and the kissing, Justin could help but become overwhelmed. Inside his pants the unmistakable stirring of something growing harder can be felt. "My, my, my, what do we have going on in here?" Bridget comments feeling the stiffness upon her own leg. "Whoa there boy, let's keep that stallion in the stable a little longer," and with that announcement Bridget  grabs both nipples and twisted and pinch them simultaneously.

"Ouch! Why the hell did you do that?" Justin protests in agony. "Did I hurt the big strong man with a tinnie, weenie, little nipple twist," Bridget mockingly replies as she releases her clenching grasp of his throbbing buds. "You were getting ahead of yourself, stallion, and I had to pull back on the reins a bit to keep you from bursting out of the stable too fast."

Not completely grasping what she's talking about, Justin rubs his nipples as he says, "Oh, okay, I think." Bridget gives him a reassuring smile and says, "don't worry baby, I'm going to explain everything to you, okay." She leans in once more to plant another big kiss on his lips, before standing to retrieve a folder she had placed on the desk, when she had entered the room not that long ago.

"Well!" Bridget begins coyly " I've been reading material on a certain subject I would like to explore." "Oh!" Justin responds as he feels a renewed stir in his pants, "what might that be?" Bridget takes a seat on the bed next to Justin. “He’s still trying to get out is he,” she giggled, noticing the bulge still in his pants. "Hold on to him, stud," she says, "there's something I want to talk about first."

"I'm all ears," Justin replies encouragingly. Turning slightly to look him in the eye, Bridget takes a deep breath and confidently starts to speak. "Justin, do you know what BDSM is?" she asked. "Ah! Ya," Justin replies, "like it's that kinky stuff where you tie someone up, like in that movie with the rich dude."

Bridget smirks at his mention of the movie. She can only presume he watched it. "Yes, Justin, that’s the right idea. Well I am hoping you would like to try some this weekend." She took a key that was hanging on a chain around her neck, but hidden from view under her top and unlocked the duffel bag, unzipped it and opened it to reveal its contents.

Justin's his shorts tightening as his penis stiffened even more, leans forwards and takes a look. From inside the bag he could see several coils of rope, a pair of handcuffs and a collar for around the neck with a leash attached to it. He could also see some shiny items mixed in the bag too, but he's unable to make out what it is, chain maybe. His eyes then locked on what could not be mistaken for anything else other than a leather paddle. He swallowed hard trying to find his voice. "You, you...let me get this straight. You want to tie me up and spank me with that paddle," he says, nodding his head at the paddle.

"Yes! I want to spank you among other things if you let me," Bridget replies hopefully. "But I won't make you do anything that you're absolutely against. I printed a contract from the internet, and we'll write down everything we will and will not do, and both sign it. So what do you think, are you for it?" Justin stares at her dumbfoundedly as he ponders what was just proposed to him. He glances over at the bag of toys, then back at Bridget's hopeful face. "Yes, I’m in," Justin answers.

A large brimming smile spreads across Bridget's face. She grabs the contract off the desktop, and over the next hour they hammer out their do's and don'ts. When they were both satisfied Bridget signs the document and turns it to Justin, "all that's left, hun, is for you to sign and make it official," she says as she hands him the pen.

Justin takes the pen and hesitates and just stares at it. He's never in his life guessed he's find himself contemplating being a sex slave. But the idea of submitting  to Bridget was beyond just exciting. So with his groin pulsating he signs the document. "Wonderful!" Bridget exclaims as she picks up the papers. "Well then, slave, while I  take pictures of the contract and save it to the cloud, you can start stripping off those dreadful clothes."

Obediently Justin stands and starts unbuttoning the rest of his shirt as he inquires, "Why are you saving a weekend simulated sex slave contract to the cloud, hun?" "Because, silly," she answers, "if you get any dumb ideas of backing out or destroying this contract." She says waving the papers in her hand, "I'll have a backup. I will also remind you not to call me hun again, slave. From now on my name is Mistress  to you. That was your final warning, slave?"

Justin finds him replying, "yes Mistress." Before asking her, "why would I destroy the contract? it's only a prop to our fun this weekend." Which Bridget leaves out a boisterous and sinister laugh, "a prop you say. I figured you were smarter than that, slave. You know better than anyone to always read the fine print."

Justin looks oddly at Bridget as he lets  his trousers fall to the floor. As he steps clear of them Bridget takes note that he listened to her request to wear the gift she gave him. Justin, having already shed his top and socks now stands before her in nothing but a pair of tight white panties, with his rigid cock fighting to bust through and stand at attention like a good little soldier should.

"Turn around and put your hands behind your back, slave." Bridget orders as she pulls a set of steel handcuffs from her bag of toys. "Yes Mistress," he says in compliance as he turns and puts his hands behind his back. Soon thereafter they both hear the click of the first cuff ratcheting closes, followed closely by the second cuff locking shut. "Turn and face me again, slave!" again commanding something of him. 

Obediently as a slave should, and with his hands secured behind him. Justin turns to face her and says, "Yes Mistress." Bridget approaches him with yet another item from her bag. Within her hands she holds a leather collar. It's about three fingers wide with bright little studs adorning the length of the thing. It also has the word slave embroidered on it too. Unable to do anything, Justin stands there motionless as Bridget gently places it around his neck and quickly buckles it. She finishes securing it by putting a padlock on it, to make sure it remains in place.

By now Justin is just a little overwhelmed and rather vulnerable and is puzzled by something Bridget said, "By the way what did you mean by reading the fine print?" He asks once again. Bridget ignores his question and gets something else from the bag. "Lay down on the bed," she orders, and she reinforces her order by putting her hand in the center of his chest and pushes him off balance, forcing Justin to sit down. He willingly did the rest by scooting back on the bed and laying uncomfortable down, with his face up, and on top of his hand bound behind his back, and also without being told, he impulsively spread his legs open. Which made Bridget smirk for that was her next order for her slave. But since he's eager to please, she sets to work putting leather cuffs on his ankles and snap locks on these too for safe keeping, and since the slave was so compliant, she takes the opportunity to secure a spreader bar between his legs too.

As he lies oddly on his hands and legs spread wide, Justin repeats his earlier question, only a little more forcefully," what did you mean by the small print?" But Bridget ignores him once again as she fetches a few coils of rope from her toy bag. Followed by looping the rope through the d-rings on his ankle cuffs and tied them off securely to the beg legs.

Pleased with her handy work thus far, Bridget sets to work to take a few more lengths of rope, attach them to the small D-rings on either side of Justin's collar and tie them off to the top bed post. But she's interrupted again. "Answer me!" Justin almost screams.

"How dare you raise your voice to me, slave, have you no respect." The conviction in Bridget's statement made Justin curious and he listens to her carefully. "I will not be yelled at like some dog. I am Mistress Bridget to you, and you better get used to it mighty quick." Bridget leaves Justin's nipples go and puts her hands down either side of Justin's head. Her breast hanging tantalizing just out of his reach, and her eyes boring into his like a demon possessed.

"Are you sure that you want to know what the small print said," she asked. Not daring to say a word and virtually immobile, Justin nods his head yes. "Okay then" Bridget says, sitting back and grinding her tight tushy onto his swollen manhood. "It basically says that by signing the document that you willingly give up all your rights and liberties to me for the next five years, to live wholly and continuously as my slave. To do with however I please."

When she finished Justin was left speechless for a moment before finding his voice, "Ha, ha! Big joke on me," but the look on Bridget's face told a different tale, and thus, is how Justin started his life as Bridget's slave.

I hope you enjoyed this little tale. I am curious for your opinion though. Should I leave the story to finish here? Or should I write a continuing story. Please let me know in the comments below.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

The reluctant sub


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“Come on, what are you waiting for. I gave you an order, and I expect you to do it, Eli, I mean slave,” Valerie yells scornfully. Eli is a mild mannered senior at the university, and heir to his father's business and massive fortune. He finds himself today at the feet of a woman three years his junior and in her freshman year. I, I can’t, Mistress, what if someone sees me.” Eli protested with a somewhat worrisome look. Valerie is the exact opposite of the man on his knees at her feet. Where Eli is an average height young man, skinny and dresses preppy, and always unsure of himself. Valerie was not! 

Valerie who comes from some typical one industry country town is completely sure of herself. Standing just shy of six feet tall, long curly hair, with penetrating emerald green eyes, she’s gorgeous, and she knows it. Always one to use what the almighty gave her, she never shied from wearing a skirt that’s daringly short. Or a top that just pushes the edge of the school dress code, to get her way.

Valerie presses her bright red lips together in a frown and sighs before speaking, “Oh! Is that so? Is kissing and licking my bare foot here in this secluded part of the library worse than me posting all your dirty secrets on the campus website.” A barely audible  no could be heard escaping Eli’s lips. “I didn’t think so, worm. Now do as you’re told, before I decide to make you strip to those cute little pink panties I made you wear.”

Sorry Mistress, that won’t be necessary. I’ll do it, I’ll do it,” Eli repeated himself as he prepares to do Mistress Valerie's bidding. Gently he takes the heel of Valerie’s barefoot in the palms of his hands. He puckers up and leans in towards her waiting foot. Stopping briefly to stare into Valerie’s eyes, hoping that she would stop him.  But his ears are assaulted with a firm, “Do it now, right now, slave, or so help me…”

Smooch! Eli lands a big wet kiss on the top of Valerie’s foot before she has a chance of finishing her sentence. He follows with a second big kiss, before running his tongue the length of the bottom of her beautiful foot. (Hee! Hee! Ha! Ha! Giggle! Hee, Hee, ha ha) making Valerie squirm and laugh. Through her laughter and panting Valerie does manage to say, “I’ll deal with you tickling me later slave, but for now just keep working,” finishing her sentence just before Eli runs his tongue the length of her foot with one long lap, covering from heel to the tip of her toes. Once again causing Valerie to giggle, squirm and snort, as she bits her lip trying to stifle a burst of laughter, in an otherwise dead silent room. 

“Stop, stop, stop, you miserable prick,” she commanded in a hushed yell a moment later, while slapping the top of his head, still giggling, gasping for air, unable to endure any more. Eli, promptly stops fearing any retribution he might receive later if he didn’t. Valerie takes a moment to glance around the room to make sure their little ruckus wasn’t garnishing any unwanted attention. Once satisfied she returns her attention back to her slave kneeling in front of her. A sinister idea then goes through Valerie’s mind as she notices a fearful expression on Eli’s face. “Slave!” She says to gain his full attention. When she has it she continues, “unfasten your pants, open your fly and pull your pants down around your thighs,” she orders him to do so.

“What! She can’t be serious,” Eli says to himself as panic grips him. But one look into Valerie’s face told him that she wasn’t kidding. “Mistress,” he pleads, “please, please Mistress, I beg you don’t make me do it. Surprisingly to Eli, Valerie didn’t get mad, she didn’t even say anything at first. She just turns to her purse and pulls out her phone, plays with it for a moment, before saying, “suit yourself,” as she holds the screen of the phone for him to see. “Which social media site would you like me to post this one to first,” she asked.

Eli’s eyes literally popped out of his head at the image displayed on the screen. Up until then she only claimed she had the stuff that she was blackmailing him with. Now he knew she really does have the goods on him. “That won’t be necessary, Mistress,” he whispered, and proceeded to unfasten his pants and pull them down as order, Which exposed the bright pink lace panties she had him pull on. “Oh, as a punishment, slave, so you don’t question me again, why don’t you unbutton your shirt and pull it off your shoulder too,” Valerie instructs her slave as she points to his chest, arch’s her finger in a circle, before pointing to the floor. Eli was about to make a retort, but after looking at Valerie menacingly staring at him, waiting to see whether he would defy her, or would he think better of it…...

With his stomach turning, head throbbing and heart pounding, Eli pulls off his tie and pushes the first button through his high neck shirt’s buttonhole. Follow by the next one, the one after that and all those that follow after that. Until his shirt is completely unbuttoned. “Come on, don’t keep me waiting.  Pull that thing off for me, baby,”  Valerie teased, knowing full well how horrifying It would be to him.

For Eli, horrifying is an understatement. As far as he’s concerned there hasn’t been a word created yet, to describe how he feels. Having already pulled his pants down as ordered, he kneels there in his panties in full view for anyone to see. A pit is also growing in his stomach as he listens to Valerie egging him on. Eli lets the shirt fall to the floor off his shoulders. Valerie can’t help but feel her power over him, as he kneels with his hands in his lap trying to disguise the fact that he’s wearing a matching bra to the lace panties he’s been forced to have on. “Why so bashful, slave?” Valerie teases. “Why don’t you be a good boy for, Mistress, and kneel up nice and straight. You can also put your hands behind your head too. I don’t know why you would want to hide such a pretty outfit that you’re wearing.”

“No!” Eli screams silently to himself as he complies with putting his hands behind his head. His heart starts to pound even faster, because he can hear the library get busier. “Spread your legs as wide as you can,” he heard Valerie demand. Looking down at his legs he does as he is told without resistance this time. He’s rewarded with, “that’s a good boy,” from Valerie just before she takes her bare foot and places it directly in his lap. She proceeds to kneed her toes around his male member causing it to stir. “Oh! Please, God, not here,” he pleads pathetically as he realizes her true intentions. 

“Oh! Isn’t that sweet. You still think you have a say in things,” she expresses with a laugh. “Sweetie, you belong to me now, and whatever is going to happen, will happen, because I want it too. You don’t get a say in it at all.” Valerie announces as she nuggish his ball with the tip of her toes. “Oh! Look, your little friend wants to come out to play too,” she declares, acknowledging the growing bulge in Eli’s panties. She figures that in a few moments the garment will no longer be able to contain the growing erection. This just aides her to tease his testie all that much more. Embarrassed, humiliated, a growing hard-on and his brain clouded with a lust filled fog. Eli drifts back to how he ended up in this predicament. 

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Sunday, October 4, 2020

Captions for September 2020

 Well we're into the fourth and final quarter of the year of social distancing, the last fleeting warm days are quickly slipping by. Soon the cold winds of winter will be whipping at us with out mercy again. It also looks as though this fall we’re going to cascade into solitude in our homes again due to the pandemic. I’ll be using the time to write and create more here and on my two vanilla projects. I am also grappling with the news that a dear friend of mine is in hospital on a ventilator fighting the corona virus, while her daughter lays in the next room fighting it too. My prayers go out to them and their family. I also have to say screw the economy. How many more people have to die so the greedy corporations can line their pockets with more money. These folks have more money than they could ever spend, but they’re more than willing to sacrifice the lives of billions to get more. The author Tom Clancy had the answer in one of his novels. When the story had the financial heart of Wall St. fall to it knees, the hero’s solution was simple, shut it all down. On  Monday morning when we turn on the lights again, we’ll continue from the positive point just before the crap hit the fan. Intelligent, educated people are suppose to lead us. But even though they’re book smart. Most have no common sense! Well on that note I’ll stop, below are all the captions I created throughout the month for my Instagram, Twitter, and FetLife pages. Welcome to fall people.

Saturday, September 5, 2020

What is it to be a collared slave

This is an excerpt from an article I wrote for another site. I wish to share it here with you too. The link to the complete article is at the bottom of the page. I'd love to hear your opinions on what being collared means to you. Leave me a comment.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Captions for the month of August 2020

 Well look at that, it's the beginning of September. Another summer fastly fading away. Nervously in a few days the kids will be returning to school. But unlike previous years where parents couldn't wait for the little pains in the ass to go back to class, this year where apprehensive amidst a pandemic. 

I also spent the month setting the framework for a new idea. If all goes to plan I'll introduce it very soon. And for you fans interested in erotic hypnosis, I'm going to set up a profile on Warp my Mind. I'm going with my slavealla68 username if you're interested in finding me. With this site I'm planning to strictly use captions, pictures and stories with a hypnosis theme. 

So, for now enjoy the pictures and enjoy the remaining few warm weeks of the summer of 2020. Just hope that whoever you pray to can help keep next summer free of any pandemics